2s (Twos) Complement Discussion.

1’s Complement discussion from here.

2’s complement of a binary number N is obtained by the formula (2^n) – N , Where n is the no of bits in number N

Example: Convert binary number 111001101 to 2’s complement.

Method: 2’s complement of a binary no can be obtained by two step process

Step 1: 1s complement of number N = 000110010

Step 2: 1’s complement + 1


  + 000000001

=   000110011

Answer: 2’s complement of a binary no 111001101 is 000110011

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Trick : 2’s complement can be represented by keeping all lower significant bits till first 1 as it is and taking complement of all upper bits after that.

Some more examples for 2’s complement conversion.

Binary Number 2’s complement
1010101010 0101010110
1110011000 0001101000
11111000 00001000

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