Long Term Evolution a 4G technology

What is LTE? Key driving factors behind 4G technology. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a fourth generation (4G) standard for broadband mobile technology. This standard is developed to meet long term future requirements of higher data rates, lower latency, better cell coverage and seamless handover.
⇒ LTE Data rates and comparison with 3G rates.
Seamless mobility in 4G. All IP is a unified network core for wireless operators to handle both voice and data. If the approach of unified core of all IP is adopted across majority of carriers globally, then mobility will become seamless.
⇒ Difference between air, radio and core network.
⇒ Evolved Packet Core (EPC) system architecture for all IP.
LTE is all-IP advanced core architecture proposed in release 8 of 3GPP to only process packets. The core is named as Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

LTE - 4G Wireless Technology

Digital fundamentals.

Interview Questions.

⇒ UMTS LTE Interfaces in details
⇒ LTE X2 interface and comparison with S1.
⇒ LTE cells, network.
⇒ Multiple antenna techniques - Home
⇒ Access technologies like - FDD, TDD, OFDMA and SC-FDMA.

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