Boolean Function in Sum of Minterms.

Sum of Minterms or SOM is an equivalent statement of Sum of Standard products.

Any boolean function can be represented in SOM by following a 2 step approach discussed below.

Step1: Represent the minterms for a function by decimal 1 in column 4 of table below. Refer minterms from here

Step2: Add (or take binary OR) all the minterms in column 5 of table to represent the function.

Truth Table of three variable example below.

Sum of Minterms.

Can you solve minterms for rows 4 and 5 that ae not valid in this function? Its x'yz and xy'z'.

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The Function of Minterms from above table is represented below

F = x’y’z + x’yz’ + xy’z + xyz’ + xyz

Example: Represent F = x + yz + xy in Sum of minterms.

F = x (y + y’)(z + z’) + yz (x + x’) + xy (z + z’) 

= xyz + xyz’ + xy’z + xy’z’ + xyz + x’yz + xyz + xyz’

= xyz + xyz’ + xy’z + xy’z’ + x’yz (Answer)


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Product of Maxterms is discussed Next.

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