Packet Data Network (PDN) SAE Gateway or PGW. So PGW is PDN SAE Gateway.

PGW is responsible to act as an anchor of mobility between 3GPP and non-3GPP technologies.

PGW provides connectivity from the UE to external packet data networks by being the point of entry/exit of traffic for the UE (User Equipment/mobile phone).

A UE may have simultaneous connectivity with more than one PGW for accessing multiple PDNs.

The PGW manages policy enforcement, packet filtration for users, charging support and lawful Interception.

Non-3GPP technologies are listed below :-
WiMAX, CDMA 1X and EvDO.
PGW is shown in diagram below:

PGW highlights:

Anchor for mobility in-between 3GPP and non -3GPP

It manages:

* Policy enforcement.

* Packet filtration for users.

* Charging support

* Lawful interception.

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