UMTS LTE Interfaces

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Introduction to UMTS LTE Interfaces between various reference points.
S1-MME: Interface between S1 (for E-UTRAN) and MME (Details on MME at attached link).
Functionality: Supports control between S1 and MME
S1-U: Interface between S1 = E-UTRAN and U = SGW (click here for details on SGW)

* SAE bearer user plane tunneling
* Supports Inter eNodeB path switching during handover.

LTE - 4G Wireless Technology

Digital fundamentals.

Interview Questions.

S3: Interface between SGSN and MME
1. Enables user and bearer information exchange for inter 3GPP access.
2. Network mobility in idle and/or active state.

S4: Interface between SGSN and Serving SAE Gateway
1. It provides control and mobility support between GPRS Core & 3GPP.
2. Anchor function of Serving GW.
3. Alternate plane tunnel in case of no Direct Tunnel.


Verilog Tutorial.

LTE Tutorial.

Memory Tutorial.

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