What is a LTE physical (PHY) layer and generic frame structure for FDD and TDD

The LTE Physical layer is the first and lowest layer of computing operating system. This is often termed as the LTE PHY layer. Fundamental operation of this layer is to support hardware implementation of LTE standard. This layer only handles bit streams and the logical nature of packets are irrelevant. In LTE the bits are stored into symbols and slots and transmitted through frames over the RF link.
Detailed understanding of LTE physical layer involves the understanding of LTE generic frame structure to support FDD and TDD.

LTE Generic frame structure.

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Generic Frame Structure to support both FDD and TDD
The the frame standard supports both FDD and TDD based transmissions.
Parameters of this frame structure is below:
Frame Duration = 10 ms or 10/1000000 second.
One Frame has 10 sub-frames.
Sub-frame duration = 1 ms or 1/1000000 second.
One Sub-frame has 2 time slots.
One Time slot = .5 ms or 1/2000000 second.
Each slot can itself contain many OFDM symbols. The difference in number of symbols are dependent on the Cyclic Prefix (CP) length.

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