Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG)

ePDG is the part of SAE which interfaces with non-trusted 3GPP IP systems. It acts as a secure termination node for IPsec tunnels established with UE.  

What are un-trusted non-3GPP accesses?

When a network operator doubts on the secured interface of a technology its categorized as un-trusted. The very good example is of WiFi hotspot.   

What is IPSec for Internet Protocol?

IPsec stands for Internet Protocol Security. Its a set of  protocols to secure wireless communications by encrypting each packet transfer. This is only implemented for All-IP networks.
EPDG is shown in diagram below:

LTE EPC - Evolved Packet Core.

LTE - 4G Wireless Technology

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Key Features of LTE EPDG :

Multiple cores from different networks can be integrated in a single LTE node. Enhanced back haul security through IPSec tunnels. Rapid packet processing. Real time subscribers, service and applications monitoring for in-line services.

SAE: Serving (S) System Architecture Evolution.
SGW: SAE Gateway.
IPsec: Internet Protocol Security.
UE: Use Equipment.

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