UMTS LTE Cell search .

LTE Cell search uses a hierarchical procedure. This is quite similar to WCDMA.

Base stations in LTE radio cell is identified by a Cell Identity (CI). There are a total of 504 physical layer CI’s. With hierarchical cell search approach 168 unique groups are created in physical layer. Each group consists of 3 unique physical layer cell identities.
The above CI information is then transmitted over the Air as part of LTE downlink frames. The information is represented as Primary synchronization signal and secondary synchronization signal. The complete Cell search procedure on downlink is shown in diagram below.

Note: Downlink cell search is always assumed to be transmitted from base-station towards mobile device.

LTE - 4G Wireless Technology

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LTE Cell Search.

Cell search primary synchronization signal or PSS - 3 unique physical CI’s
Cell search secondary synchronization signal or SSS - One of possible 168 physical cell identity groups.

This scheme of cell search is adopted from WCDMA. In WCDMA scrambling codes are used to uniquely identify base stations and cells.


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