Signed Magnitude Numbers.

Discussion of signed magnitude involves the classification of the numbers in digital system as signed or unsigned. Examples are also discussed on this page.

Un-signed Numbers:

In un-signed number system all the bits directly correspond to the equivalent decimal number.

Examples: (a.) 100011 binary = 35 decimal. (b.) 000011 binary = 3 decimal

Signed Numbers:

In signed number system the most significant bit (msb) bit signifies sign of all lower significant bit (lsb) bits for the number. 

Examples: (a.) 100011 binary = -3 decimal. (b.) 000011 binary = +3 decimal

In Digital Systems the negative numbers can be represented by following three ways:-

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-3 in signed magnitude value               10011

-3 in signed 1’s complement value      11100

-3 in signed 2’s complement value      11101

Few rules to know for arithmetic addition of two numbers using signed magnitude.

  1. If one of the numbers to be added is negative then take signed 2’s complement of the number.
  2. If any ‘end carry’… discard it.
  3. If the MSB of result after discarding ‘end carry’ is 1 then take 2’s complement of the remaining bits.

With above three rules we can do all aritmetic operation in signed magnitude.

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