Karnaugh map or K-map discussion.

2,3,4,5 variables K-map are ways of minimizing the Boolean functions using diagrams which are made up of squares. By minimization we imply a function with minimum number of terms and each term with lowest number of literals.

Following k-map for 2-5 variables are discussed in this section:

1) Two variables K-map

Two variable Karnaugh map (K-map) and 2 var kmap example discussed below.

First write the Truth Table for 2 variables x and y.

Once we know all the values in table its easier to plot the 2 var k-map.

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KMAP truth-table

2 variable K– map plot below : - Each element (0-3) from above table is plotted in k-map below. Var x is horizontal row and y is vertical column.  There intersection denotes output function element.

KMAP truth-table

A solved example of 2 variable k-map below.


KMAP example

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