Verilog Initial Statements.

Initial statements with examples are discussed in this section. Also discussed are  clocks and resets generation logic using forever loop and not operator.

Statements within initial block are used in Verilog for generating test signals, example clocks, resets etc.

Initial statements can’t be synthesized because actual behavior of hardware is difficult to model using fixed delays. These statements are used only for testbench purposes and to initialize the values at zero simulation time.

Clocks and reset generation in test-bench using Initial statements.
Counter logic with enable disable logic generation using initial statements.

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// Register declarations

reg clk_1fs;

reg clk_1fs_d;

reg rst_n;

// Use of initial statement to generate clocks 1fs and 1fs_d

initial begin

     clk_1fs = 0;

     clk_1fs_d = 0;

     rst_n = 0;

     #100 rst_n = 1;

     forever begin

         #10 clk_1fs = 1;

         #11 clk_1fs_d = 1;

         #10 clk_1fs = 0;

         #11 clk_1fs_d = 0;




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