Digital Computer Organization

We will introduce components of digital computer - ALU, Program Counter (PC), Registers, Stack Pointer (SP), stack, timing control unit and flags on this page.

Most computer systems are preliminarily made up of three layers.
⇒ Top of the system consist of Application layer’s or software’s.
⇒ In middle is O/S or operating system.
⇒ And the bottom is the Hardware.

computer system

We will focus on the hardware part of the the computer system in our topic of computer organization.

Most basic computer organization should contain following sub-systems:

1. CPU or Central Processing Unit. 
2. Memory sub-system. Cache, main etc. 
3. Input Output control or IO block.

A CPU should further contain following blocks:

1. ALU or Arithmetic and Logical Unit.
2. Accumulator (ACC). Click here for details.
3. Program Counter (PC). Click here for details.
4. General Purpose Registers. Click here details.
5. Stack Pointer (SP). Click here for details.
6. Instruction Register (IR) and Decoder. Click.
7. Timing and control Unit (TCU). Click here
8. Flags. Click here for details.

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