Verilog code for clock domain crossing.

Following block diagram can used to implement clock domain crossing for phase offset clocks in digital design. 

Discussion on clock domain crossing

Verilog RTL code for synchronization logic to implement clock domain crossing circuit:-

module clk_2_cross ( clock1, clock2, rst_n, data_in, data_out);

input clock1; input clock2; input rst_n; output data_out; input data_in;

reg data_out_meta;

reg [1:0] data_out_reg;

// Assign statements

assign data_out = data_out_reg[1];

// Always block to declare synchronous logic from source clock domain 

always @ (posedge clock1)


 data_out_meta <= data_in;


// Always block to declare synchronous logic in destination clock domain

always @ (posedge clock2 or negedge rst_n)


 if (! rst_n)

data_out_reg <= 'b0;


// Implement shift register for two flops.

data_out_reg <= {data_out_reg[0], data_out_meta};



// Note: Above shift register can also be implemented // like below:

// data_out_reg[0] <= data_out_meta;

// data_out_reg[1] <= data_out_reg[0];

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