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Introduction Operators Initial stms Block vs. Non Blk IF-ELSE, CASE FORLOOP File Operations Read .bin format Function Call Testbench Random Numbers Shift Micro-ops Sync RAM Mem Generate Assertions Signed RTL
Verilog Tutorial.
Digital Basics Tutorial.
~\Desktop\FCD\downloads\fc_v\memory_ram_sync_rtl.v.html module mem_ram_sync(
input           clk;
input           rst;
input           read_rq;
input           write_rq;
input[5:0]      rw_address;
input[7:0]      write_data;
output[7:0]     read_data;

reg[7:0]     read_data;

integer out, i;

// Declare memory 64x8 bits = 512 bits or 64 bytes
reg [7:0] memory_ram_d [63:0];
reg [7:0] memory_ram_q [63:0];

// Use positive edge of clock to read the memory
// Implement cyclic shift right
always @(posedge clk or
    negedge rst)
    if (!rst)
        for (i=0;i<64; i=i+1)
            memory_ram_q[i] <= 0;
        for (i=0;i<64; i=i+1)
             memory_ram_q[i] <= memory_ram_d[i];

always @(*)
    for (i=0;i<64; i=i+1)
        memory_ram_d[i] = memory_ram_q[i];
    if (write_rq && !read_rq)
        memory_ram_d[rw_address] = write_data;
    if (!write_rq && read_rq)
        read_data = memory_ram_q[rw_address];
In order to validate the memory implementation we will implement a model in verilog test-bench to generate the controls for the memory. 
The way we are going to model it is as follows.
First we are going to fill in the memory with write only commands. The data we are going to write will be random. After filling in the memory, we will enable reads. During reads we will request random addresses between 0 and 63. We will dump both read and write data in text files. Links to test-bench, write data/memory contents,
read data and analysis.
Memory Diagram, details
Verilog RTL code to implement synchronous RAM (Random Access Memory) and also provide a test-bench to validate it.
Synchronous Random Access Memory (RAM) implementation in verilog.
Shift Micro-ops.
Mem Generate.
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