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Verilog Tutorial.
Digital Basics Tutorial.
/*Function declaration and calling a function is discussed in this section.*/

reg [5:0] counter_binary, counter_binary_reg, counter_gray, counter_gray_reg;
integer count, file_wr;

/*Function to get Gray code from Binary code*/

function[5:0] binary2gray ;
   input[5:0] value;
   integer i;

        binary2gray[5] = value[5];
       for (i=5; i>0; i = i - 1)
           binary2gray[i-1] = value[i] ^ value[i - 1];
//Calling a function
always @(*)
   counter_binary = counter_binary_reg;
  counter_gray = binary2gray(counter_binary_reg);
Verilog Function declaration and call.
Complete usage of the above verilog function declaration and call is discussed in program at following link.
Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital basics  
Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital basics.
A function is discussed below to convert binary number to gray code number. The name of function is quite descriptive and we will be using this function later in complete programs. Declaration of verilog functions are always associated with function calls.  
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Read .bin format.
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