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Applications and data rate requirements on smart phones.
High Definition (HD) video streaming -

HD video streaming at the rate 720p (720 pixels) requires Download speeds of 6-8 Mps (Mega Bits per second).
Video conferencing, blogging or live video -

Requires high speeds for both upload and download. Standard Definition requires 2 Mbps and HD requires 6-8 Mbps.
Online Gaming -

Primary requirement for online gaming is low latency. It means low lag is in between multiple updates to the device and consistent feed of updated data from the game servers. Upload and download speed is another important factor is online gaming.
P2P transfers - Peer to Peer transfers

Upload/download data rate is an important criterion for peer to peer transfers of video/audio files
Sync enabled services - social networks, e-mails, etc.

Requires 1-2 Mbps speeds for both download and upload.
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) system architecture for all IP.Mobility Management Entity (MME),
Serving System (S) Architecture (A) Evolution (E) Gateway or Serving Gateway SGW.
Packet Data Network (PDN) SAE Gateway
Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG)
Multiple antenna techniques - MIMO, Adaptive antenna systems - AAS and Antenna diversity - AD