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What is SON & how does it work in LTE?
UMTS LTE X2 contd. - SON, X2AP, X2U & eNB   
References Page.
X2AP - X2 Application Protocol
The X2AP protocol is used to handle the UE mobility within E-UTRAN.

X2U- X2 User Plane -
Its X2 Userplane for handling data transfer in-
eNB or  eNodeB -

eNB interfaces with the mobile and is responsible for hosting and managing following interfaces.

Physical channels,
Medium Access Control (MAC),
Radio Link Control (RLC),
Packet Data Control Protocol (PDCP) layers.
Radio Resource Control (RRC) in control plane.
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) system architecture for all IP.Mobility Management Entity (MME),
Serving System (S) Architecture (A) Evolution (E) Gateway or Serving Gateway SGW.
Packet Data Network (PDN) SAE Gateway
Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG)
Multiple antenna techniques - MIMO, Adaptive antenna systems - AAS and Antenna diversity - AD
Cloud Computing ?
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SON is Self Optimizing Network.
A self optimizing function would increase network performance and quality by reacting to dynamic processes in the network. These operations minimizes the operational overhead by self- configuring and self -optimization.
Also manages many functions related to :-
Radio resource management,
Admission control,
Enforcement of negotiated UL QoS,
Cell information broadcast,
Ciphering /deciphering of user and control plane data,
Compression /decompression of DL/UL user plane packet headers.
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