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UMTS LTE Interfaces
S1-MME: Interface between S1 (for E-UTRAN) and MME (Details on MME at attached link).

Supports control between S1 and MME.
S1-U: Interface between S1 = E-UTRAN and U = SGW (click here for details on SGW)
S3: Interface between SGSN and MME

1. Enables user and bearer information exchange for inter 3GPP access.
2. Network mobility in idle and/or active state.
S4: Interface between SGSN and Serving SAE Gateway

1. It provides control and mobility support between GPRS Core & 3GPP.
2. Anchor function of Serving GW.
3. Alternate plane tunnel in case of no Direct Tunnel.
Introduction to UMTS LTE  Interfaces between various reference points.  
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) system architecture for all IP.Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving System (S) Architecture (A) Evolution (E) Gateway or Serving Gateway SGW. Packet Data Network (PDN) SAE Gateway
Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG). Multiple antenna techniques - MIMO, Adaptive antenna systems - AAS and Antenna diversity - AD
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1. SAE bearer user plane tunneling

2. Supports Inter eNodeB path switching during handover.

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