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GVIM command to set syntax
How to set syntax in gvim for filetypes like perl, python, verilog?

:set filetype=verilog
:set filetype=perl
:set filetype=python
:set filetype=c
:set filetype=vhdl
For no syntax do
How to do and and or operations with text in GVIM editor?
/fred\|joe                  : Search for FRED OR JOE
/.*fred\&.*joe              : Search for FRED AND JOE in any ORDER!
How to revert changes in vim based on time? Its simple do
:earlier 10m or :earlier 2h
To go back 10 minutes or 2 hours respectively.   
How to run shell commands from gvim in unix?

Just do :! unix-command
How to create markers in gvim editor? to easily navigate while editing a file.

Create markers to easily navigate in editor.
m<character> creates a marker with short-cut <character>

example go to line 7 of the text file and do <esc> key from keyboard to go in V mode. In this mode type 'ma' on keyboard
ma will create first marker.

after this you want to go to line 30 to edit. then on line 30 create another marker 'mb'