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GVIM regular expression to merge multiple blank lines into a single blank line is shown below, no effect on stand alone empty line:


Where :g  executes a command in the generic operation below.

^\_$\n\_^$ - Its the regex to grep all multiple blank lines excluding the blank line before  any newline text.

/d is the command to delete the text captured by regular expression.
GVIM Merge multiple blank lines into one blank line without touching the single blank lines.
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How to revert changes in gvim based on time? Go to older changes in time.
How to run shell commands from gvim in unix?

How to compile your code from within the program? Use make in GVIM?

How to create markers in gvim editor? Easy to navigate while editing a file.

How to duplicate columns in GVIM?  How to enable spell check & command to import language specific dictionary?

How to set syntax in gvim for filetypes like perl, python, verilog?
How to Remove highlights or color from text file? Simply do :nohls

How to Search in a text file ?
Simply do /<search_pattern>
Anything after / will be search pattern to find in file.

How to set Ignore case in text file for search? :set ic

How to open multiple files in GVIM?
Use :split <path_of_file>

How to switch between multiple files using only keyboard in GVIM editor?
When multiple files are open in gvim editor, use ctrl+w 2 times to jump in-between files.

How to merge the line with line below? Shift+j or capital J

How to change text to lowercase or uppercase?
gu{motion} - As you move the up/down arrows the lines will change to all lower case.
gU{motion} - As you move the up/down arrows the line will change to all upper case.

Other GVIM topics (Regex on left and simple on right) discussed below.
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