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Introduction to Vim or GVim or VI.

Its a text editor with several built-in short-cuts to simplify day to day operations of file editing. These short-cuts are usaully invoked with : operator. Whenever you type : on your keyboard a section is opened at bottom of the file. This is area where you type further commands to continue execution of expression. Lets discuss one GVIM command line expression below.

Example gvim command -

Lets notify above gvim expression with generic naming below

executes a command in the generic operation.
will match any empty line and its the regex in the generic operation above
is the command to delete the regex.

The editor user-modes are explained Next.

Visual Mode

In this mode you are allowed to select text from the file and perform various operations on it. There are several variants of visual mode. The variants are discussed below.

Enter Visual mode by pressing v (lowercase)  on keyboard - In this variant the text is selected at character level and you can scroll right, left, up and down to highlight exact amount of text needs to be processed.

Insert Mode

Command mode