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A smart phone/tablet is an advanced hardware platform that can perform millions of high performance mathematical calculations in short period of time.

Other must requirements includes compact size, low power, high data rates (ex. web surfing) etc.
Memory Management Hardware
CPU - is the portion of the phone which issues all the instructions to the system.

CPU speed is measured in MHz.
'MHz' is a term which is abbreviation of Mega Hertz.
Mega = 1 000 000
Hertz = cycles per second

Its a measure of the rate at which the processor can do
calculations. In other words, the frequency at which master
clock is running.

Tip to memorize :- Always look for higher 'MHz' number. Some of the latest  Processors  can run up 1 GHz .
Where, 1GHz = 1000 MHz
Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Processor
Cell Phone/Tablet in basic hardware blocks
Inside Smart Phone/Tablet hardware.