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Design objects in 3D with example. Used in product design and innovating ideas.

A simple tutorial to demonstrate 3D design steps for a object idea using free tools like SketchUp 8 and render plug ins (for demo). You want to innovate use it to present.

Open Sketup 8, create new project and save the project.

Create first 2D object. A simple square sketch in two dimensions.

Convert 2D object into a  3D shape.

Steps to add an ARC or a curve surface.  

Convert ARC to 3D semi-cylindrical shape.

Create a square opening in structure.








This project is to create a receipt collector device. This device collects and store receipts. Final rendered image below on right.


Elevate and smooth the edges. This step will show steps to add semi-circular curves to the edge surface.

Create a tray and covers for tray entry window. Also  Position a drawer to store receipts.

Next open the drawer to show inside.

Shape inside of the drawer.  Once finished drawer should look attached to the machine.

Also add stacks of old receipts and bills inside the drawer.

Next step is to add colors and life to the sketch. Different moving parts gets differntiated with different colors. Try to keep look and feel attractive.

Optional rendering of the innovation is done with use of 3D render plug ins..


** END of 3D Product Design tutorial **

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