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Verilog Tutorial.
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Digital Basics Tutorial.
PLL’s or phase locked loop
The basic components of a phase-locked loop (PLL) are:
A Very accurate and stable Reference Oscillator, Phase Detector, Frequency Divider - Fractional or Integer, Voltage-Controlled oscillator (VCO), Amplifiers and Low Pass Filters.
Phase-locked loops (PLL) are crucial for modern-day electronic circuits. They are used to generate high frequency clocks from low speed clocks, phase synchronization of clocks, separate valuable signal information from noise and also used to demodulate amplitude and frequency modulated signals.  The block diagram of PLL is discussed below.
Phase Detector
Frequency Filter
Reference Oscillator
Frequency Divider (Integer or Fractional)
PLL is a feedback control system to generate an output clock frequency in phase to the input reference clock frequency. In other words its a closed-loop circuit that compares its output phase with the input reference clock phase and adjusts it in steps till the phases are aligned. This alignment of phase is termed as output clock phase is locked to input clock phase.  This locked in phase relationship is termed as Phase Locked Loop or PLL.
CK= N*Fin
PLL classification

Analog PLL :-
Analog components - VCO, loop filter (active/passive), and analog multiplier or analog phase detector
Digital PLL (DPLL) :-
Digital components - Digital phase detector (such as XOR, edge-trigger,JK, phase frequency detector), optional digital divider in feedback path.
Analog components - VCO, loop filter (active/passive)
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Interview Questions. ASIC, FPGA, Digital Fundamentals
Follow this section for PLL’s in ASIC, FPGA configuration.

All digital PLL (ADPLL)

Digital components - Phase detector, filter and numerical oscillator. Analog components - none

Software PLL (SPLL)

Software blocks are used.

5 Steps required to build a functional FPGA load (valid for most EDA flows)

How to implement a Integrated Clock Gating (ICG) cell from vendor library.

CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit design for VLSI.

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